Talent Management Agency

Alūr Global manages personal brands for influencers, celebrities, athletes, and public figures

Bookings and Appearances

We book appearances at comic cons, trade shows, public and private events, signings, and speaking engagements

Personal Brand Development

We help your personal brand stay current and aesthetic while securing brand partnerships and collaborations in-line with your goals

Brand Partners

Next Generation Talent Management

Our proprietary approach to managing talent is to look at every possible way to grow your brand and increase your earnings, then forge a well-rounded strategy that establishes, preserves, and expands your brand awareness. Then we take ACTION!

The Alūr Global executive team is highly experienced and SUCCESSFUL (the missing component from others) at growing brands and we bring this to the table for every client.

World Class Collaborations

Our clients enjoy the benefit of being represented simultaneously by both of our experienced talent management agents, Joe Delbridge and Chad Nutsch, both with years of experience, knowledge, and CONNECTIONS! Our database runs deep with brand executives, influencers, and industry professionals…all of which play a part in forming brand partnerships, booking amazing events, and forging world-class collaborations!

Other Capabilities

Brand Deals

While other agencies only manage incoming opportunities, Alūr Global is the only talent management agency that conducts large-scale, targeted outreach to brands directly on your behalf. We run every brand through a safety, reputation and quality check before negotiating and we present all opportunities to you before finalizing a decision.

Public Relations

Alūr is the only talent management agency who books media appearances in conjunction with bookings! Whether at a comic con, pop culture event, or public speaking engagement, we'll have you on the local morning shows and local podcasts to further promote your appearance and expand your brand awareness!

Event Bookings

We book talent for appearances at events worldwide, such as autograph signings, public speaking engagements, comic cons, pop culture events, private and corporate event appearances, and almost anything else you can imagine! Our team always puts your security first and will accompany you to make sure your travels are safe.


Did you know other brands will pay you to use your name and likeness on their products? How about your own signature series with an already popular brand? Alūr Global is an active force in the licensing world and have the connections and experience to help you achieve these goals!


With our strong background in Internet marketing, Alūr Global is the only agency who will partner with you on projects to make them a reality. We guide you through the marketing process and manage everything internally so you're as hands-off as you want to be, while still raking in tons of cash!


Many successful creators say they wish they'd started on merch sooner! Our highly experienced E-commerce background makes Alūr Global the most qualified agency in the talent management space to manage your store from front-to-back. We help with product design, store design, manufacturer selection, online store management, fulfillment, and even retail distribution!

"Joe not only introduced us to influencers, but helped scale the influencer marketing campaign. He's fast, efficient, and very professional."

Lezhin Entertainment

"Having worked with Joe on influencer campaigns, I recommend him when speed is of the essence. He works fast to meet client's needs, adapts quickly, and does not shy away from pitching big ideas."


"Joe has been so great to work with that we now recommend him to our partners who who need talented influencers!"

Walt Disney Studios

Mission Statement

We turn our talents’ goals into reality.

We partner with our talent and brand clients to deliver an extraordinary experience and value every time.

We’re positioned as pioneers in our industry who lead with passions for teaching, helping, and inspiring others.

We remain determined, yet adaptable – always learning, improving, and giving back so that we leave the world better than how we found it.